Gosh Leather Products Factory

Gosh Leather Products Factory

Based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Gosh Leather Products Factory has been producing the best leather shoes from genuine leather. Our products include gentle man shoes, female and children shoes. Gosh has been in shoes manufacturing business for the past two decades under its former brand, “Modern Shoes”.

Modern’s products, especially the gentlemen shoes, have been popular in East African countries such as Tanzania, Uganda and Kenya, among others.

With the objective of expanding its market and boosting its production, “Modern” is rebranded as “Gosh”. Gosh in Amharic language is the the name of strongest bull in Ethiopia. Likewise, our products are strong like Gosh. Our products are made of the finest quality skins and hides of the cattle found in Ethiopia, which is the top in Africa in the number of livestock population.

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